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: CAE02

Designed specifically to address the unique hearing protection needs of the armed forces. The yellow tips should be inserted when ambient noise levels are not hazardous and when the wearer wants Hear-Through capability with instant protection from impulse noises (i.e. weapons fire or explosive devices). This earplug tip (yellow) incorporates a patented technology designed for, tested and used by the US military to allow clear hearing during non-hazardous noise and instant protection against impulse noises such as weapons fire. Noise reduction increases with sound level for impulsive noise such as weapons fire above 110 dB. Estimated attenuation ranges from approximately 0 to 22 dB. The green tip end should be inserted when continuous hazardous noise is present and if it is determined that the attenuation reduces the hazardous noise to a safe level as determined by a qualified professional. This green tip provides continuous noise reduction to ambient noises such as aircraft, armored vehicles or machinery. The Mil-Spec Green Case is included, and they come with the neck cord, user attached.

A primary means of preventing hearing loss from sources in the military training/operations/combat environment is through the use of hearing protection devices (such as conventional foam earplugs). However, military personnel have historically been reluctant to utilize these devices under many mission conditions because of justified concern that their use may interfere with oral and radio communications, and with the all-too-essential hearing of sounds of concern/alarm.

While conventional earplugs protect hearing, they also reduce a normal individual's ability to hear a truck at 800 meters to only 400 meters, and the ability to hear a rifle bolt closing from 1,000 meters to only 60 meters!

The Combat Arms Earplug CAE is a U.S. Army-improved low-tech, passive device that works without batteries. It is easy to maintain and compatible with most military headgear. The one size fits all but the smallest ear canals.

The CAE comes in two distinct parts. First, a yellow plug can be inserted in the ear to dampen significantly the most hazardous high-frequency component of impulse noise. The noise reduction capability of this plug actually increases considerably with the noise level of weapons fire (thus, it is referred to as a non-linear earplug). The non-linearity begins at 110 decibels at Peak Sound Pressure Level of impulse noise (dBP) and increases by 17 decibels (dB) up to 190 dBP. Second, an olive drab plug can be inserted to reduce the steady-state noise found in an around aircraft, armored vehicles, watercraft, etc. It even helps eliminate wind noise at the non-linear earplug's filter opening.

While the CAE effectively diminishes impulse noise, the non-linear, yellow plug affords little loss of low sound levels. It therefore allows both for speech communication without shouting and detection and localization of acoustic sources under almost the same conditions as without hearing protection. The Army Research Lab expects a soldier using CAE will be able to detect a truck at the same 800-meter distance as the solder could without the CAE.

Service personnel must have their hearing protected from steady-state noise from armored vehicles, carrier flight decks, and airfield, flight lines, and from impulse noises such as weapons fire and explosions. Such hearing protection cannot be allowed, however, to impair the ability of the military personnel to hear clearly radioed information. Shouts of warning, vehicle noise, the closing of a rifle bolt, steps in leaves, etc.

Made in the USA

NSN Number: 6515-01-466-2710

CAE Instructions:
  • Insert the Hi-Vis YELLOW baffled plugs for weapons fire in dismounted mode and indoor training ranges.
  • Insert the OLIVE non-baffled plugs in for steady state noise in and around aircraft, noisy vehicles and watercraft, etc.
  • Keep filter holes free of earwax and other debris
  • Check proper insertion for slight tension by gently tugging on plugs
  • Ensure that plugs are cleaned with soap and water and dried when returned to storage

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