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Our Price: $4.49

Track traveled distance with this handy counting cord that is a navigation essential for night and day foot travel. Designed by an Army Ranger and a must have item for field work. Track traveled distance with these handy counting cords that are essential for night movements and handy for day light foot travel. Use is similar to an abacus.
Our Price: $5.49

The Brigade Qm liquid-filled precision compass is protected in a sturdy non-magnetic case and slides on most wristbands. This handy accessory navigation backup compass fits almost all watchband straps or a Velcro® wriststrap. Sealed, liquid filled module is depth tested to 100 meters.  Luminous cardinal points.
Our Price: $9.99

Handy, life-saving accessory that features a combination Compass, Thermometer, and Wind Chill Chart encased in plastic. Liquid filled micro-compass with luminous points. Conveniently attaches to zippers on jackets, or clips to packs, travel gear or your keys with brass split ring.  Only  2'' long.
GI Cammenga Lensatic Compass w/LC-1 Pouch
Cammenga GI Phosphorescent Lensatic Field Compass
Our Price: $67.95

Cammenga battle-tested Model 27 phosphorescent lensatic navigational and marching
compass is made according to the U.S. Army Mil-Spec. This compass is identical
to the Army model, except for phosphorescent markings instead of the
self-luminous Tritium vials. Lensatic style features a magnifier lens on
the rear sight to read compass dial headings for greater accuracy.
Cammenga GI Lensatic Tritium Self-Luminous Field Compass
Cammenga GI Lensatic Tritium 3H Self-Luminous Field Compass
Our Price: $99.95

The Official GI Issue Lensatic Compass from Cammenga has
Tritium-activated phosphor elements at cardinal points and on the needle
that will glow without any external light source for 10 years. Genuine
issue navigational and marching compass used by the Army for many years.
Metal case and induction damped needle provide reliable performance. No
liquid filling to freeze. Full Ml-Spec with LC! Compass/Fist Aid Pouch.