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Mil-Spec Monkey Patch: Blood Type
Mil-Spec Monkey Patch: Blood Type
Our Price: $4.50

Mil-Spec Monkey brand Blood Type letter is nice and big and Rh factor is displayed in both symbol and text. These are all OCP Multicam coloration. Size: 2" x 1" with hook Fastener sewn on the back.
Brigade's Cobra 550 Cord Survival Bracelet
Brigade's Cobra 550 Cord Survival Bracelet
Our Price: $4.95

Brigade's Cobra Braid 550 Paracord Survival Bracelet features a SR Buckle with concealed handcuff key for escape and evasion.
Survival Fishing Kit
Brigade's Survival Fishing Kit
Our Price: $6.95

Designed for SERE training. Small pocket-sized plastic container is
packed with survival fishing gear for gathering food in the wild.
Compact size is ideal for any outdoor adventure.
Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors
Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors - Black
Our Price: $7.95

Slip-N-Snip steel folding scissors feature a Tactical Black
finish for operational use. An indispensable tool that sees more use
than a pocket tool! Non-reflective materials will not rust or corrode.
Extremely sharp cutting edges.
Ferrocerium Fire Starter
Ferrocerium Fire Starter
Our Price: $14.95

Ferrocerium rod for survival fire lighting. Steel striker produces a shower burning shavings to ignite fires in bitterly bad conditions. Shavings can reach 3,000°C /5400°F.